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NDIS Plan Management Software With OCR & NDIS API

IconicCarePlanManagement is your perfect choice for NDIS Plan Management software, featuring OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and smooth integration with the NDIS API. Our platform is designed to provide you with the best NDIS Plan Management services available across Australia. With our NDIS Plan Management Software, you can efficiently manage NDIS plans with our NDIS Plan Software, streamline administrative tasks, and enhance your overall client support. The OCR functionality allows for quick and accurate data extraction, making paperwork and document management a breeze.

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As a NDIS Plan Manager, your organization possesses unique requirements Exceptional in the industry

NDIS Plan Software off-the-shelf is not aligned with your unique needs, thus failing to boost your services to clients. That is why we introduced IconicCare NDIS Plan Management Software. Our NDIS Plan Management Software is easy for everyone to use. They handle so many tasks and make your NDIS Plan journey smoother and easier. This user-friendly yet strong software was carefully made with NDIS in mind, recognizing your specific requirements.

We understand the necessity for accessible tools that offer the correct value to simplify your responsibilities, improve your clients’ lives, and optimize your business operations. We collaborated closely with professionals like you throughout the development phase to identify and address their most important challenges.

As a result, we’ve created a suite of tools that can be smoothly integrated into your workflow. IconicCarePlanManagement is committed to producing the most advanced solutions, and as an NDIS Digital Partner, we maintain a close partnership with NDIS to ensure complete system integration. In turn, this ensures your tasks become more manageable, while our intuitive user interface improves the experience for both you and your clients, offering:

Unlock the Power of IconicCare NDIS Plan Management Software with OCR and NDIS API Integration

  • Holistic client record and resident management
  • Client and Support Coordinator application
  • Strong reporting and tracking systems for client funds.
  • Immediate usability upon implementation
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • An effective client care management system that provides proactive alerts.
  • Secure document management.
  • Portable mobile and web applications for client accessibility.
  • User-friendly report generation
  • Fully customizable and adaptable
  • Secure program access with restricted profiles
  • Advanced analytics and integration with financial management platforms
  • In-built communication feature

Outstanding features built specifically for NDIS Plan Managers

Incorporated with PRODA and PACE seamlessly

Thanks to our NDIS API integration, generating service bookings and payment requests has never been easier. Say goodbye to redundant data entry and the need to access PRODA separately – now, you can handle everything right within Brevity. Stay informed with real-time NDIS plan change notifications to ensure you're always up to date.

Your Complete NDIS Plan Management Solution

The Iconic Care Plan Management NDIS Plan Management Software boasts distinctive functionalities tailored to cater to the specific requirements of plan management organizations. Our platform has been carefully designed to align with NDIS compliance standards, and we consistently stay informed and adapt to any regulatory updates.

Invoice processing using OCR

OCR technology streamlines data extraction from invoices, eliminating manual input and saving time and resources. Integrating Iconic Care NDIS Plan Management software with your plan management email inbox enables automatic invoice importation. Background and batch processing further better efficiency, facilitating faster and more straightforward invoice entry.

Effortless Supplier Payment

Iconic Care Plan Management's OCR technology streamlines data extraction from invoices, eliminating manual input and saving time and resources. Integrating Brevity NDIS Plan Management software with your plan management email inbox enables automatic invoice importation. Background and batch processing further perfect efficiency, facilitating faster and more straightforward invoice entry.

Access to Family and Support Coordinator

The mobile app provides clients, their family members, and support coordinators real-time access to budget and invoice information, eliminating the need for periodic statements. This streamlined approach simplifies financial management, fostering transparency and convenience in interactions with the service provider improving user experience and satisfaction.

Remittances from Suppliers

Remittance advice is a valuable communication tool that promptly informs providers about the status of their processed invoices. This timely notification dramatically simplifies the often complex process of reconciling paid invoices, contributing to smoother financial workflows. It plays a vital role in ensuring accurate accounting and record-keeping.

Participant Statements

Our NDIS Plan Management software monitors budget expenditures across service booking categories, enabling you to set up automatic monthly statement emails and alleviate one of your concerns.

Get Paid

The Iconic Care NDIS Plan Management software streamlines monthly fee claims for all clients with automated invoicing, ensuring nothing is missed and claims are submitted on time, providing efficiency and accuracy.
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