Learn The Process Of Acquiring NDIS Plan Management In Geelong

NDIS Plan Management Services In Geelong

Are you located in Geelong or nearby areas? Do you need a Plan Management in Geelong for your NDIS funding? Look no further!

At Iconic Care Plan Managers, we understand the importance of financial assistance for individuals with lasting and significant disabilities in Australia. Our plan management and managers services aim to assist citizens, residents, and those holding permanent or special visas to access the necessary and appropriate support services that are crucial for enhancing their quality of life and overall enjoyment.

So, if you are in Geelong or the nearby areas and are seeking a reliable plan manager for your NDIS funding, then Iconic Care Plan Managers is the best plan management and plan managers in Geelong. With our dedicated team, in-depth knowledge of the NDIS, and commitment to personalized service, we are confident that we can make a positive difference in your NDIS journey. Contact us today and let us help you in achieving your goals and improving your quality of life through the NDIS scheme. Remember, we are here to support you every step of the way!

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At Iconic Care Plan Managers, Our aim to simplify your life with our professional and personalized plan management service. By choosing us, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Responding promptly to emails and phone calls, while efficiently processing invoices with speed and accuracy.
  • You will have a devoted Client Care Manager exclusively assigned to you, offering ongoing assistance with your NDIS plan funding and                        purchases. To us, you are not merely a statistic, but a valued individual deserving personalized attention and care.
  • Monthly reports and access to an app where you can monitor your funding and invoice status in real-time.
  • Choose Iconic Care Plan Managers for a hassle-free and efficient NDIS plan management experience.
Plan Management

Ways To Manage Your Plans

The Three Ways Your Plan Can Be Managed Are:

Plan Managed

Experience top-tier care plan management services akin to NDIS in Brisbane, delivered by esteemed experts such as Iconic Care Plan Managers.

Self Managed

We assume the responsibility of disbursing payments to service providers and efficiently handling all the necessary paperwork associated with NDIS Plan Management.

Agency Managed

Registered providers possess the capability to directly submit their invoices to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to facilitate payment.

Or you can choose to use a combination of management types to suit your needs.

When utilizing an NDIS plan manager, We assume the responsibility of handling bill payments to your service providers. Additionally, the plan manager provides vital information to assist you in effectively managing your plan, including monthly statements showcasing your expenditure.

Plan Managed:
  • Choose from a range of registered and non-registered providers.
  • Manage payments to NDIS support providers.
  • Ensure professional budget management for the sustainability of your plan.
  • Receive guidance to navigate the intricate aspects of the NDIS.
Self Managed:
  • Exercise decision-making aligned with your plan objectives.
  • Select both registered and non-registered providers.
  • Hire your own staff or delegate employment responsibilities.
  • Maintain complete control and accountability for your NDIS funds and claims process.
Agency Managed:
  • Enjoy convenient access to the myplace portal to track providers’ claims against NDIS funds.
  • Experience the freedom to choose from a diverse selection of registered providers.
  • Gain enhanced control over the utilization of NDIS funds.

Need A Plan Manager?

Have the freedom to make all the choices without the hassle of managing the paperwork – leaving you more time to live the life you want!