NDIS Plan Management Services In New South Wales

Understand the steps involved in acquiring NDIS plan management in the New South Wales

Welcome to Iconic Care Plan Managers, your best choice for aged care services in Tasmania! We understand how important it is to give special care and support to our friends who need help with their everyday stuff. That’s why we’re here, right on the stunning island of Tasmania. We’re all about making sure everyone gets the help they need!

Right in the middle of Australia, you’ll find Tasmania, a place famous for its aged care spots, fascinating history, and lively culture. With its stunning views, wild landscapes, and friendly towns, Tasmania is the perfect mix of city and country life. Our crew of caring experts is committed to making sure people can live on their own, safe and sound in their homes all around the state.

Meet our fantastic team of home care heroes in Tasmania! They’re a bunch of super-trained and caring mates who are all about giving top-notch care. Whether it’s helping out with everyday tasks, supporting people with disabilities, or providing personal care and a break for family caregivers, we’ve got it covered. We take the time to hear what you need, make a plan that suits you, and always check in to make sure you’re happy with what we’re doing. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Get the Best NDIS Plan Management Services In New South Wales

Our Services

  • Cooperation:We will work together with you to assess your needs and to develop a customized NDIS plan based on your goals and aspirations that will meet your needs.

  • Service coordination:We will coordinate services and support from various providers to make sure that you receive the right care at the right time.


  • Budgeting and financial management: We will help you manage your NDIS funds, ensuring they are used effectively and efficiently to meet your needs.

  • Ongoing Support:We will provide ongoing support and monitoring to make sure that your plan continues to meet your changing needs over time.

Why Choose Iconic Care Plan Managers?

  • Tailored Care Just for You: We get that everyone’s different, so our senior and personal care services are all about fitting in with what you need and like.
  • Skilled and Caring Crew: Our awesome caregivers are not only super caring but also have heaps of experience. They’ve been around the block providing NDIS plan management services in Tasmania, so you know you’re in good hands.
  • You Choose What Works: We’ve got a bunch of care options for you to pick from – personal care, home care, respite care, disability support, aged care, looking out for the elderly, and personal care assistants. It’s all about what suits you best.
  • Quality is Our Jam: We’re really into making sure our NDIS care services go above and beyond the rules. We’re all about giving you the best care and support possible.
  • Your Happiness Matters: We’re always keeping an eye on how things are going, making sure you’re happy and feeling looked after every step of the way. Your satisfaction is what keeps us ticking!
Get the best ndis plan managers in NSW

Things You Should Know


  • Hobart 
  • Launceston
  • Devonport
  • Burine
  • Ulverstone
  • Kingston
  • Clarence

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Plan Management

Ways To Manage Your Plans

The Three Ways Your Plan Can Be Managed Are:

Plan Managed

Receive top-notch NDIS-like care plan management services in Canberra from esteemed professionals such as Iconic Care Plan Managers.

Self Managed

In our role, we assume the responsibility of disbursing payments to service providers and handling all the necessary paperwork involved in NDIS management.

Agency Managed

Registered providers have the ability to directly submit invoices to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) for payment.

Or you can choose to use a combination of management types to suit your needs.

When you use an NDIS plan manager, they take on the responsibility of paying the bills from your service providers. The plan manager is also responsible for giving you important information to help you manage your plan effectively, such as monthly statements showing how much you have spent.

Plan Managed:
  • Choose from a range of registered and non-registered providers.
  • Manage payments to NDIS support providers.
  • Ensure professional budget management for the sustainability of your plan.
  • Receive guidance to navigate the intricate aspects of the NDIS.
Self Managed:
  • Exercise decision-making aligned with your plan objectives.
  • Select both registered and non-registered providers.
  • Hire your own staff or delegate employment responsibilities.
  • Maintain complete control and accountability for your NDIS funds and claims process.
Agency Managed:
  • Enjoy convenient access to the myplace portal to track providers’ claims against NDIS funds.
  • Experience the freedom to choose from a diverse selection of registered providers.
  • Gain enhanced control over the utilization of NDIS funds.

Need A Plan Manager?

Have the freedom to make all the choices without the hassle of managing the paperwork – leaving you more time to live the life you want!